About us

About Platinaa Ceramics

Platinaa Ceramics has created capabilities for micro-machining of sintered ceramic beads of various materials like  and various grades of alumina, zirconium, steatite. With this facility Paltinaa Ceramics is now offering machining of ceramics in beads and lining bricks. As with other products of Platinaa Ceramics, this is one of the best grinding media manufacture in  South India.

We at Platinaa Ceramics to supply our customers with high quality and reliable products at very competitive prices. Because we understand the importance of reliable and consistent materials to our customers’ R & D and production needs, we have established solid relationships with our manufacturers. By frequently visiting our manufacturers and talking with their management, production and QC engineers, and workers in production lines about the quality we seek, we create truly working partnerships. It is these valued friendships, built over many years, that allow us to supply consistent and high quality products to our customers over the world.

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