Toughened Alumina Lining Bricks (68%)

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Products Description

Preferred to use in ball mills to arrest the contamination of ground materials &also to avoid the direct impact on the machine depreciation.

Product Application

Paints, Inks, Latex, foam, Pigments, Plastic, Chemicals, Glazes, Dyes, Polymers, Colors, Rubber, Quartz, Clay, etc.,

Product Range

H-100MM X W -40MM X W – 140MM

Chemical Properties

Al2O3 – 68.00%
SiO2 -25.00%
Others – 7.00%

Physical Properties

Specific gravity – 3.02g/cc Hardness (Mohs scale) – 8.0 Apparent Porosity (%) – NIL Water absorption – NIL
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